Equifax Score

Find out what others know about
your company's financial viability

Concerned about your cash flow, debt and profitability?

You're not alone – many of your potential customers, suppliers and financial partners use credit analysis tools to check your business' financial viability before working with you. And many continue to do it regularly - just to be sure.

Your credit rating can influence whether you can get business finance, and at what rate, as well as help get you favourable payment terms from suppliers.

But do you know what your business' credit rating is?

Free access to Equifax Score* for all new subscriptions

As an extra service, ICN Gateway gives our paid subscribers free access to Equifax Score*, provided by Equifax, Australia's leading credit bureau.

By subscribing to one of our paid options you can access this tool on your Dashboard, and in a matter of minutes you can apply for your credit rating score that is calculated against the average for all businesses in the country.

So now you can find out your own indicative credit score before everyone else does.

Access your full Equifax credit report valued at $179.95

If you're a Be Compelling or Premium subscriber you get access to Equifax’s full business credit report at no extra cost. Worth $179.95 the report will give you more detail on your business credit rating and other important information. So find out what others are accessing on your business with ease.


For all new subscriptions*
Valued at $19.95

  • Check where you stand. The higher the score, the better your credit profile.
  • Know your score to increase supplier and lender confidence.
  • Australia's leading credit bureau trusted with credit information on over 16 million individuals.


For all Be Compelling and Premium subscribers*
Valued at $179.95

  • Detailed credit information on your business - see what others can access.
  • Insight into significant business events - direct from ASIC records.
  • Risk score on your business - the higher your score the better the rating.
Equifax Score

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If you are already on ICN Gateway but not a paid subscriber you will need to upgrade to one of our three paid packages. If you are after the Equifax Score and the full report you will need to subscribe to either our Be Compelling or Premium packages.


Already a paid subscriber?

If you're a paid subscriber (but joined before 2 March 2016) you can resubscribe or upgrade to get access to Equifax Score and the full report. You will get a credit for any remaining balance to your new subscription. And remember, if you're after both Equifax Score and the full report subscribe to Be Compelling or Premium.


Not a subscriber?

If you're not an ICN Gateway subscriber and would like to get free access to either Equifax Score or the full Equifax report (and heaps of other benefits), simply join ICN Gateway and subscribe to one of out three paid packages now. If you're after both Equifax Score and the full report subscribe to Be Compelling or Premium.


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Already a paid member and want to access Equifax Score? You can only access Equifax Score if you are a new paid subscriber or have resubscribed after 02 Mar 2016. Call one of our friendly team on 1300 961 139.